African Academy’s Software training is matched with industry preferred software solutions. With the Accredited Autodesk Training Centre status, African Academy is able to offer quality short software courses through applied learning. These courses include:

AutoCAD® 2D


Industry’s preferred software package, AutoCAD® is a great starting point for any industry professional. This course covers the generation of drawings in any engineering drawing field. The course content includes basic drawing, editing, layering and view commands, paper space or model space, scaling, plotting and use of libraries.


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Autodesk Inventor®


Learn how Inventor® helps designers innovate and bring better products to the market faster. This course includes all of the fundamentals of Autodesk Inventor®, from sketching and modeling through to working drawings and creating presentation files.


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Autodesk Revit®


Discover how to work naturally and design with freedom. The unique technology of Building Information Modelling (BIM) designed on parametric technology, allows you-change any part of the building project (plans, schedules, elevations and sections) and is updated instantly. The result? No errors! This course will demonstrate how Revit® works the way you think.


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Micro Station


Introducing the Micro Station Drawing Program, African Academy’s new software course based on Bentley Systems’ preferred CAD software product for 2 and 3-dimensional design and draughting.


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Solid Works Essential Course


Provides more practice involving a broader range of skills appropriate for a person who may be able to produce drawings, designs, estimate the cost for the project, manage as well as be able to supervise the project in the mining, manufacturing and process industries etc.


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* All software training courses are subject to availability.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Practitioners


BIM is a process for the creation and use of information on Infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, railways or airports, etc. BIM is a relatively new subject, so this course will give you the specialist knowledge and make you more useful to the organizations already using or introducing BIM. This course is for students that have completed relevant pervious engineering courses or existing employees that want to specialize in BIM.


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