All contributions or donations are highly appreciated by the African Academy.  All funds are applied to the purpose of the organization – the transition of disadvantaged individuals from unemployment to rewarding technical careers, and placing these graduates into industry. The following funding/sponsorship categories may assist you in determining how you can help the African Academy:

1. Contribution to the Growth & Development Initiative:


African Academy is continually embarking on growth and development initiatives to support the industry’s demand for skilled professionals. These initiatives vary from expanding our campus facilities and aiding the increasing capacity to the development and introduction of new programmes needed by industry to address skills deficits.


  • Endowments Grants for Capital Growth:

The main objective of our growth and development initiative is to create greater capacity for additional unemployed individuals to access education & training, thereby placing greater numbers of unemployed individuals in industry.  This expansion requires funding for capital growth. Endowment grants from organizations would contribute towards capital costs associated with continued growth and development.


  • Academic Endorsements:

Should organizations wish to support our academic development they may choose to fund general academic research and staff capacity development, or acquire an Academic Seat’ of a specific discipline (Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical). This is usually an annual endorsement of R 150,000.00, and the organization would then be awarded the Seat for the specific discipline. For example: “Seat of Piping Design”.


  • Facility Sponsorship:

This refers to financial assistance in managing and maintaining the African Academy campus facilities, i.e. rent, insurance, security, cleaning, etc.


  • Operational Funding:

Organizations are welcome to make monetary donations to help fund the operational and developmental strategies of African Academy, including areas such as human resources management, IT support and maintenance, marketing and administration costs, etc.

2. Student Bursaries


Companies/organizations may choose to become bursars by either sponsoring specific students on particular programmes, or donating general funds to be allocated to bursaries.

3. Product/Service Donations:


We are continuously looking for assistance with funding for computers, furniture and other items that contribute to our organizations efficiency and productivity, directly benefiting our students.  We have a list of product sponsorship opportunities available, which we will share on request.

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