Blayne Ferguson – Success Story

My name is Blayne Ferguson and this is my Success story:

From a young age I had always had a passion for drawing, and that passion never died. When entering the later years of high school, I was always perturbed by the question of what I was going to study once I left school. After many months of pondering I decided to follow my dream.

When the time came for me to decide where to study , it was an obvious choice. The African Academy offered courses which were unmatched by any other institution. During my first year at the African Academy, I studied multi- disciplinary drawing office practical (MDDOP) which gave me the inside edge into many computer based programs as-well as many theoretical based subjects.

From my very first day at the African Academy, I was greeted with an astonishing professionalism conveyed by the lecturers and staff. The lecturers were always well presented and the course kept me engrossed with an astounding attention to detail.

My decision to study at the African Academy was justified when I passed my final exam and was promptly placed into a job at Lambull Engineering as a junior Draughtsman. Due to the success of my first year at the African Academy, I was encouraged to study further and now find myself studying an additional two year diploma course in Plant Engineering & Design in order to gain the additional skills that the Academy has to offer.

I would like to accredit the African Academy for the success I have gained so far in my career, and for the success I am still likely to achieve due to the skills I now possess. I would encourage anybody no matter what age, to pursue a Diploma at the African Academy as it will help them leapfrog their way into a successful career in Draughting.

With a complete package offered by the African Academy and a will to learn, the world will
become your oyster.

The African Academy was established in 1994 to address the critical need for well-trained and skilled Draughtspersons, and to contribute towards reducing unemployment in South Africa. The African Academy is recognized as one of Africa’s leading Draughting Education & Training Institutions. The African Academy has proven its worth by achieving an above 80% pass rate and an above 80% placement of graduates in employment. Industry attests to the high calibre of graduate that the African Academy produces.

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