Funding Opportunities

African Academy for Computer Assisted Engineering is a non-profit organization dedicated to the upliftment of skills in draughting and related industries. Our goals are to assist disadvantaged individuals in achieving rewarding technical careers from previous unemployment.

African Academy relies on donations and sponsorships from industry leaders and government departments as its main source of funding.

This funding information guide is intended to provide you with information on who we are, and how you can help us to help others achieve success. Together we can actively contribute towards the upliftment of skills and the resolution of unemployment in South Africa. Together we can make a difference.

The African Academy was established in 1994 to address the critical need for well-trained and skilled Draughtspersons, and to contribute towards reducing unemployment in South Africa. The African Academy is recognized as one of Africa’s leading Draughting Education & Training Institutions. The African Academy has proven its worth by achieving an above 80% pass rate and an above 80% placement of graduates in employment. Industry attests to the high calibre of graduate that the African Academy produces.

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