Hamphrey Mmola – Success Story

I completed my high school level (Grade 12) in year 2007 at Rivonia Secondary. Technical drawing was a great passion for me but unfortunately Rivonia Secondary did not offer it as a subject. I wanted to work with in an environment that had something to do with drawings.

I decided to enrol for Mechanical Engineering & Related Design (NCV) at the Daveyton College in 2008 through a bursary from NSFAS. I passed six of my seven subjects in Level 02. I progressed to level 03 in 2009 where I passed four of the seven subjects. Due to this, the bursary was no longer valid which meant I would have to pay for my studies myself. This was impossible for me as I had a single parent, my mother, who lived on the state pension only. I was very dejected and did not know what my future would look like. It was then I heard about the African Academy (AA) where I could study to become a Draughtsperson working with drawings (my passion). I approached the AA and enrolled to study the Draughting course in 2011 whilst studying the bridging course in Technical Drawing on Saturday’s. I was elated that I could eventually follow my passion in drawings. I qualified as a Junior Draughtsperson in 2012 and received my certificate.

I embarked on looking for employment. Whilst waiting for a job, I returned to Daveyton College to register for Nated courses. Towards the end of 2012, I received good news from the AA that I had an interview with Engineering consulting company, Hatch (PTY)LTD. I was successful at this interview and in January 2013 I commenced as a trainee with Hatch. When the trainee period was over, I decided to register for the lower Nated courses. I achieved 99% in Engineering Drawing here, giving me an excellent foundation.

Whilst studying Mechanical Engineering N3, I received a call from a company, PAW Engineering Services. They offered me a 3 month working contract. In January 2015, I was offered a permanent position with one of the biggest manufacturing companies called South African Compensators Pty Ltd (SAC). Here I had to take over the reins from my predecessor who worked for the company for 30 years as a Draughtsperson. In the same year, I enrolled for Project Management Embedded Knowledge Phase1 at the AA as I realised I need this to help me with my job.

If it were not for the AA I would not have the job I have today nor be able to support the rest of my family. Draughting certainly opens multiple doors enabling more opportunities for a better career and future.

I encourage the youth of today that the most powerful tool to satisfy your needs is education. Do not under estimate an education from an organisation like the AA. It is not only University that can give you a rewarding career or future.

I would like to humbly express gratitude with great respect to the African Academy for all the excellent work they do in ensuring that we are properly trained as Draughtspersons. This enables us to get meaningful jobs and lucrative careers. If it were not for the AA, I probably would have to take a job as a packer or gardener with no real future or career.


The African Academy was established in 1994 to address the critical need for well-trained and skilled Draughtspersons, and to contribute towards reducing unemployment in South Africa. The African Academy is recognized as one of Africa’s leading Draughting Education & Training Institutions. The African Academy has proven its worth by achieving an above 80% pass rate and an above 80% placement of graduates in employment. Industry attests to the high calibre of graduate that the African Academy produces.

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