Keamogetswe Motsage – Success Story

Back in high school my headmaster would always tell us that success is spelt W O R K.

I never quite understood the phrase until now.

My academic journey, starting in primary school, had always been a breeze until high school. My study method is amazingly simple: ‘Repetition’.

I find it easier remembering things when I re-write them. It has always been my strongest forte.

Working under pressure always helps me complete my work to the best of my ability. It helps me tap into my creative space, thus allowing me to attain what I set out for myself.

In matric my life was not going the way I had planned. My matric results didn’t allow me to enter university. This discouraged me tremendously, but I was determined to strive to achieve.

This is how I came across the African Academy, and my journey with them has been nothing short of amazing. I started my first year in 2016 when I studied the MDDOP course. Upon successful completion of the course, I was employed at a structural steel-detailing company as the youngest black female draughtsperson.

Whilst working, I studied my second year in the Advanced course of Construction Engineering Design and Draughting at the African Academy. This entailed working with some of the biggest names in the field such as Eskom and City Power. The balance between work and school was extremely tedious and demanding, thus discipline was incredibly important.
There was barely time to procrastinate or leave studying for tests for the night before. I committed to persevering and completed the Advanced course.

Working in the drawing office gives one exposure and experience the field. This helps broaden the knowledge in the field, which one does not gain in the classroom and it creates a network of opportunities.

With that said, I am now the first black female to work as a Junior Draughtsperson at Kwikspace, a modular building firm in the South of Johannesburg. I have successfully managed to get my initials on some of the drawings listed for DBE (Department of Basic Education), DRA and other big names in the industry.

It is amazing how goodwill, determination and perseverance can take you further than you can imagine, but only if you work hard and maintain consistency. I am currently doing my third year at African Academy with the intention of obtaining my BTech degree in Civil Construction in the next three years.

The future is yet in my power, but I wouldn’t have come as far as I have without the African Academy.

God bless the African Academy and the staff for the exceptional work they do.

The African Academy was established in 1994 to address the critical need for well-trained and skilled Draughtspersons, and to contribute towards reducing unemployment in South Africa. The African Academy is recognized as one of Africa’s leading Draughting Education & Training Institutions. The African Academy has proven its worth by achieving an above 80% pass rate and an above 80% placement of graduates in employment. Industry attests to the high calibre of graduate that the African Academy produces.

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