Project Management – Phase III

Project Management Course

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Occupational Certificate: Project Management accredited by QCTO(Quality Council for Trades and Occupation)


One night per week



  • Establish performance standards and monitoring systems
  • Prepare for performance review of team members
  • Conduct performance reviews


  • Expectation of a team’s performance reference framework
  • Evaluate team performance against the reference framework
  • Maintain records resulting from evaluation of team performance
  • Facilitate team performance improvements using assessment findings


  • Monitor and control performance of the project
  • Manage project baselines through integrated change control
  • Manage and resolve issues and new risks
  • Manage the developments of the products of the project


  • Demonstrate a understanding of negotiating concepts
  • Develop a strategy to achieve successful negotiations
  • Conduct negotiations
  • Identify and overcome difficulties and conflict during negotiations
  • Finalise and communicate the agreement


  • Identify key stakeholders of the project
  • Compile a stakeholder relationship management plan
  • Implement the stakeholder relationship management plan
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of key stakeholder’s involvement in the project


  • Plan and prepare to give feed back in projects
  • Identify opportunities to retain clients and expand business inline with needs and expectations
  • Receive and Respond to feedback


  • Project Implementation


  • Managing Teams and Divisions


  • Setting Goals and Objectives


  • Applying functional value to Engineering Design


  • Change Management


  • Accept Process Related Data


  • Evaluate and Improve Team Performance


  • Monitor and Control the Project Management Plan


  • Cost and Schedule Performance using EVM Methods


  • Determine the Objectives and Scope of a Project


  • Change Management inclusive of HIV Workers

US ID 11907

  • Draft of an Employment Contract

US ID 12140

  • Recruiting and Select Candidates for Defined Positions

US ID 12459

  • Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

US ID 15223

  • Training Needs for Teams and Individuals – Upgrading of Skills

US ID 15229

  • Code of Conducts in Teams

US ID 15233

  • Diverse Working Environment

US ID 15235

  • Conduct Staff Selection Interviews

US ID 252027

  • Establish and Maintain Relationships

US ID 11426

  • Interpret Conflict Management in Workplace

US ID 114601

  • Co-ordinate Value Engineering in the Project Life Cycle Phase

All Unit Standards on NQF 5 Level

Admission Requirements:

Anybody that successfully completed Phase I and Phase II of Project Management.



Night classes: 40 consecutive Wednesdays/Thursdays 18h00-20h00

Course Fees

Total – R26 950
Deposit: R2 950
Part 1: R8 000
Part 2: R8 000
Part 3: R8 000
Balance will be paid in 4 equal installments per part . Please note that annual fee increases, not in excess of 10%, may apply.

Additional Costs

(books, kits, cd’s)
City & Guilds certificate – R500.


On successful completion of the full programme, the student will receive a City and Guilds certificate.
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City & Guilds is a globally recognized and respected awarding organization and serves as a benchmark for educational quality.

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City and Guilds award certificates to people who have shown they have mastered skills that are based on excellent standards set by
industry. City and Guilds international provides a particular service to customers around the world who need high-quality assessments
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