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Become a Sought-After Draughtsman Study Through the African Academy

The first step to answering the question of how to become a draughtsman, starts with knowing if you qualify to study through a draughting college. You can find out what our general entry requirements are by clicking on the Admissions button below, but please bear in mind that admission requirements differ depending on the course you are interested in (to view these, select your course here)

If you qualify, you can then fill out our application enrolment and declaration form with your personal details and the course that you are interested in. Please take note of the documentation required along with the application form (such as your ID, matric certificate etc.) and kindly submit these to use. Please also note that your enrolment as a student is only complete upon filling out this form, paying the prescribed fees, sending your documents, signature of your enrolment contract, and notice from us confirming you are a student.
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Find out about our general entry requirements here.

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Financial Assistance

Explore the different options available to finance your studies, including loans, bursaries, & payment plans.

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