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The African Academy for CAD Training was founded in 1994 and, today, it has grown to encompass multiple types of training and draughting courses. Two patrons, D. W. Macnamara and C. L. Yeatman, were responsible for founding our academy of draughting excellence. After noticing a shortage of well-trained draughtspersons, they decided to initiate a centre, solely focused on the training of such draughtspersons. Our academy has grown in leaps and bounds since then, and currently we have x staff members, and x students across South Africa.

Course Material

Our course material has been developed with industry experts to ensure the highest standards possible, and to guarantee that what our students learn is always relevant to the working world. We continually update our course material and training programmes to reflect current changes in the draughting industry.


To ensure that our students’ diplomas or qualifications hold merit in the working world, we have obtained accreditations with the following bodies and have aligned our courses with them.

Our qualified students make us proud, with many of them having gone on to pursue successful careers.
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Our Mission
To deliver as Africa’s Premier Private Draughting & Design Academy:
The transition of disadvantaged persons from unemployment to rewarding technical careers in the Built Environment
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