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Learn the Art of Project Management for Draughting

Study Project Management for draughting, to complement any draughting specialisation you take on. Increasingly, employers are seeking multi-skilled draughtsmen who can see construction, electrical, or mechanical projects through, from the initial technical drawing to the completed building, electrical component, or machine. Our course is both theoretical and hands-on, for the practically-minded person.

Our Project Management Courses

Oversee projects from draught through to completed building or structure by successfully managing and directing teams.

Should I Study Project Management?

If you’re still deciding whether project management is right for you, then ask yourself these questions:

 Do you love working as team? Are you able to communicate clearly to large groups of people and offer them direction? Are you good at seeing the bigger picture? Do you have excellent organisational skills? If your answer to most of these questions is a resounding yes, then you’ll enjoy our project management course.

Project Management Career Opportunities