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success stories

Shanè Markgraaff

I began the e-Learning programme because it made the most sense in the middle of Covid times. In all honesty the beginning was rough trying to self-teach and navigate my way through the course material however the e-Learning Lecturer, Christabel, began online Google Classroom calls. Studying became way more manageable with scheduled classes and recordings. It felt like being at varsity in person. Looking back at my e-Learning experience, like all things in life, it had its challenges but with discipline and the help from the Academy it has so far been a success.

Sidonia Chambala

I completed my Matric in 2020 , enrolled as a student at African Academy for the class of 2021 partaking in the Draughting course , the MDDOP N4/N5. 

The journey of being a student at the Academy has been nothing but a true blessing and an important milestone in my life. I was a student through the bursary scheme that the Academy has and was given the opportunity to thrive my desire and skills of being a Draughtsman without worried about the expenses of the course. Whilst taking part in the course the Academy selected me to take part in a Career Readiness Program which was held by a collaboration of a number of companies, one of them being the Umndeni Corporate Services. This program gave me the training I am to use in the next step on my journey ,the corporate world , I was given an overview of how I am expected to interact with colleagues through understanding different disposition that individuals have. 


On completion of the course I obtained 9 distinctions. This prompted the Academy to forward my CV including my academic results to a number of companies. I have been called by a few of those companies which includes DRA Projects(Pty)Ltd . DRA has offered me an opportunity to be part of their Drawing Office Team as a Trainee Draughtsperson , I am to join the team in April 2022. I am to grow as a draughtman and continue to obtain qualifications that are to make my career more enjoyable , a diploma in Structure Steel Detailing and Mechanical Engineering. 

I am truly grateful towards African Academy. It is an Academy that sees the potential in an individual and nurture it to be the best and helps it to shine in the Draughting field. It has one of the most understanding lecturers that are willing to guide us through success and by that I would sincerely and happily recommend anyone with the desire to be in the engineering field to consider obtaining the draughting qualification that the academy offers as one of their qualification collection . This will be their greatest treasure and it will definitely gives more meaning and joy towards their career.

Thank you African Academy , keep on shooting like the brightest star you are and being the light in every inspired individual. 

Steyn Lodewyk

I joined African Academy’s MDDOP E-Learning Online Class. Every Online lesson I did with my Lecturer was not only fun, but very professional and well explained.

The hand books I received have all the correct exercises to make learning from home easy.

I also sent in my exercises to my lecturer, In turn were marked and commented to help with my mistakes. The same with my assignments. Every time I went in to African Academy to write my exams was a good experience and encouragement from the lecturers were all good. They treated me well and tried to make the experience a bit more stress less for all the students.